Saturday, February 12, 2011

BBC Antiques Road Trip

The BBC Antiques Road Trip programme has been back on the screens of late in series 2. I have to admit to quite liking this show, even though it seems to depend on the experts beating dealers down to way below cost price. Why do the dealers always end up saying "oh alright then"? It just proves there are three prices in this world - retail price, wholesale price and TV price!

Anyhow, apart from that quibble, it is a fairly watchable show with picturesque views, amiable banter and classic cars. It is good to see how many antiques shops still survive round the country and the interesting stock that can be found.

This series came close to home when it visited the Townsford Mill Antiques Centre in Halstead (or Hall-stead as Tim Wonnacott calls it) in episode 24, filmed in May 2010. David Barby and Philip Serrell both bought some silver and Philip stood in front of my own cabinet at one point (blocking the view!) but didn't look at the Poole. Just as well, I probably couldn't afford a visit from them.

Then in epsiode 28 Anita Manning visited the Poole Pottery Studio on the quay in Poole. She threw a slightly wobbly pot with Alan White. The top fell off at one point, to which Alan drolly observed that it would now be a smaller pot than anticipated! Good to see the Studio getting some TV exposure.


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