Saturday, December 16, 2006

Quay Shop Closes

Today is a very sad day for Poole Pottery. Since 1873 they have had a presence on the East Quay at Poole, mainly as a factory complex and latterly as a retail unit since the factory moved to Sopers Lane.

However, the retail unit has closed suddenly, sadly leaving 50 full and part-time staff redundant just before Christmas. The retail outlet is run by Poole Pottery Outlets Ltd, a separate company to the factory. It is not yet known whether the company will go into administration. There is a rumour that concessionaires have not been paid for some while and that 2 of them have obtained a closure order from the courts.

The company has apparently said that it is going to restructure it's business. It is not clear what this means, although the existing shop was due to close and move to new premises in the Dolphin Quays development in February in any case. It is possible that this may still go ahead, but with a new business structure behind it.

The closure inevitably leads to speculation about the future of the pottery itself, which must be facing increasingly difficult trading conditions. Let's hope it can survive this latest crisis and continue to keep the flame alive for independent British potteries.


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