Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Official Poole Pottery Collectors Club

We have received the following press release from the Poole Pottery Collectors Club:

Offering a great deal of benefits for the collector and Poole Pottery enthusiast, members will receive a club badge modelled on the new club emblem “The Galleon”, club magazines and membership card which entitles the holder to a 10% discount off limited edition pieces at the Poole shop on the Quay.

A brand new feature for the very first time is a member’s only website containing a huge online reference library of information just waiting to be discovered, and member’s only forum to chat with other members.

We have various membership options to include single, joint & international, we have also included a special rate for Poole Dorset residents, along with a special rate for current and former Poole Pottery artists/designers.

To join the Poole Pottery Collectors Club online please visit or you may call in at the Poole shop on the quay for an application form, we would be very pleased to see you. Alternatively you may call Steve on 01285 659674 (daytime) or Ed on 0114 2530054 (evenings) to request an application form.

Since March 2008 Ed and Steve have worked tirelessly to launch the new and official Poole Pottery Collectors Club and are delighted to announce that in conjunction with Peter Bello, Chief Executive, Poole Pottery 2007 Limited, the club is now open with members already joining and the club is growing day by day, Ed and Steve are looking forward to welcoming new members during the coming months.

I am delighted to welcome you to the new Poole Pottery Collectors Club to which Poole Pottery is giving its full support.

Lifestyle Group purchased the assets of Poole Pottery from administration in 2007. Since then, we have been actively re-building the infrastructure and the Poole brand. We established a Studio Pottery in the Poole Store on the Quay. Design, Limited Editions and production of certain lines sold in the store are manufactured by the Studio Pottery.

The team on the quay consists of Alan White, the Master Potter and artists - Jane Brewer, Nicola Massarella, and sprayer, Graham Moss. The latest creation from the team is African Sky which was recently launched and proving to be a best-seller.

The Poole production facilities were recreated at the Royal Stafford site in Stoke on Trent under the guidance of Norman Tempest, Managing Director of Poole 2007 and Royal Stafford. Alan and his team relocated to Stoke for 15 weeks to assist in training the artists and production team. This was a mammoth task – involving the removal of kilns, production machinery and people. Glazes had to be re-formulated and in some cases – from scratch, the first Poole Pottery production in Stoke commenced in September 2007. Capacity has increased ever since and we are delighted with the results achieved by the Stoke Team led by the factory’s manager, John Nixon.

Our initial focus was to restore the production of the best selling lines such as Volcano and Gemstones. In the Spring of 2008, we launched African Sky and Himalayan Poppy. We have just released initial quantities of the Imagination Design – which is a new departure in Duck Egg Blue, Cream and Metallic hues. The design is contemporary and in keeping with current colour trends.

We are keen to work closely with the Collectors Club. We recognise that member’s feedback can be a tremendous asset. We are keen to preserve the heritage of the brand we have inherited. We are acutely aware of the troubled waters that Poole has navigated through over recent years. Our focus is to develop the brand and manufacture the Collectables of tomorrow.

I do hope to hear from and meet members in the near future.

Peter Bello
Chief Executive
Poole Pottery 2007 Limited
Lifestyle Group Limited


Blogger ljmuk said...

This is NOT the official Poole Pottery collectors club & they do not have any discount agreement from Poole or from Denby who own Poole. The genuine club is I am a member of this club & have received discounts & also members only pieces for several years now. You are giving publicity to imposters!

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